For those who wish to enjoy as much of their stay as possible without the worry or inconvenience of having to bring all their food beforehand, you can arrange to have your meals prepared.  You need never leave the island until your departure, so you can sit, or lie back, and breathe in the beauty and serenity of the island without slaving over the barbecue.

Maxim can offer you either late lunch or dinner – if you pre-arrange to have this added to your itinerary. With vegans in the family meat-free dishes are not a problem, but self-sufficiency relies on the game provided by the island through the year: meals will often comprise of whatever ingredients the island and lake provide (fish, seasonal game birds, frogs, snails, mushrooms, berries & currants, wild rice, salad leaves and flowers). For the less adventurous meats such as pork, venison, beef & chicken can be brought in. There are also bee hives producing our own honey.

You can select either to have a single meal cooked for a specific day, or for each and every day of your stay (if available).  For a special event he can provide a full-fire roast; side of venison, boar or spatchcock birds.

You may also share wine, cocktails as well as a selection of Havana cigars…all donations will go towards the upkeep of the island. This will require advance notice.

Please contact Maxim by email – maxvbk@icloud.com – to discuss your requirements – if we can satisfy your request, we will.