A very warm welcome to Garden Island and thank you for being of like-mind in wanting to step off the wheel and out of the cage for a few days.

Garden Island Retreat is a 70 acre non-profit, privately financed nature reserve, managed as an ancient woodland and wildlife sanctuary to retain the abundance of flora and fauna which has been undisturbed save for a brief 20 year period in the 1800s when the Hudson Bay Company had a trading post on the south shore.

If you are looking for peace & tranquility, with neither neighbouring cabins nor trailer parks, this is the place to enjoy your self-imposed isolation.

Whether in a tent or the relative comfort of the bunkie, Garden Island is perfect for those wanting to reconnect with the natural environment.  It is a raw and virginal place to stay with your primary focus on relaxation in an unspoiled natural environment.

The eastern half of the island is left to its own devices creating a sanctuary of 35 acres allowing the woodland and its creatures to exist totally unhindered.  Please therefore be aware when venturing into the woods (especially in Spring) as we do not know what is out there !

You can also visit as a volunteer to work on the restoration projects, but if you wish to get away from it all and simply relax without engaging in any activities, the bunkie is available to rent as a camping holiday destination. Once here you can always join in any conservation programmes as and when you feel up to it.

Any income is put immediately back into conservation & reforestation programmes: Once costs associated directly to the Bunkie are paid (mainly propane & maintenance) all profit is then donated to a silvicultural or wildlife charity.

TESTIMONIALS from some of our visitors….>>>