Lake Nipissing is a renowned year-round destination for sport fishing, with anglers coming many miles to seek out trophy specimens of Northern Pike, Muskellunge & Large Mouth Bass. Huge bait-busting fish are here, including a gigantic 70″ musky recorded by an MNR research vessel back in 2008. A 58″ musky was also landed on the lake in 2006 though not matching the weight of the record. Sturgeon River also holds the Ontario record for a White Bass.

500 miles of shoreline offer land based casting for pike and musky in the shallows, while the clear open waters can be trolled or spun from a boat.

Winter guests should try their hand at ice-fishing which is a novel way to fish.  With the bunkie at your disposal you can return to a warm stove and comfy bed, not having to endure the chilly confines of a tin ice-hut.

As the names suggest, Sturgeon Falls & Sturgeon River were once heavily harvested for Sturgeon, but over-fishing has left only a few, though huge, specimens. Please note that all Sturgeon as well as Silver LampreyLong-nosed Gar (Gar Pike) must be released as these are rare and at risk.  The MNR police against fishing violations so please ensure you adhere to all the restrictions while fishing on the lake.

If you are after an intense angling day Maxim can show you the best areas to fish for Walleye and Perch. Alternatively, if you fish just for relaxation you can simply cast off from the island and spend the day on the rocks with a picnic and a book, in the hope, rather than the expectation, of a bite. However you fish; hardcore in the rain or sunkissed in a bikini, the island caters for everyone.