We care passionately about – and for – trees. If you would like to get involved in the Woodland Management & Restoration Programme while staying on the island, there are a series of activities in which you can participate; either strenuous or relaxing.

The major activities are limited to the transitional months: in Autumn the vegetation dies back allowing less restricted access through the densely wooded interior, while May affords an opportunity to walk unhindered through the open forest.  June through September represents a time when wildlife would be too disturbed by noisy works so other than Maxim chopping logs there will be no noisy interruption.

There is nevertheless always something to be done, so every single week sees some activity taking place if you are interested:


  • Forestry and Coup Formation
  • Tree Felling & Firewood preparation
  • Upkeep of Nesting Sites and Bird Boxes


  • Water Network Development
  • Log-Pile Habitats
  • Path Clearing


  • Coppice Layering
  • Wetland Maintenance
  • Nestbox Building

Your assistance, if offered, will be invaluable in the endless task of woodland management. You do not need to commit to any more than you wish to – nor is there a charge, the exercise being a mutually beneficial transaction..  Any help is gratefully appreciated, but even a few hours provides one with the satisfaction of creating and maintaining a protected environment.

Activities are conducted by Maxim who lives on the south shore of the island. If you would like to volunteer please contact him – maxvbk@icloud.com – to check upcoming projects; there is always some activity being carried out.