At more than 330 square miles, Lake Nipissing is the third largest freshwater lake within Ontario – 40 miles long (west-east), by 16 miles wide (north-south). With over 500 miles of shoreline, there is a lot of water in which to fish and canoe.

The lake is fed by a number of rivers, the major one being the Sturgeon River. The lake flows out into the French River to the south-west, through Georgian Bay, into Lake Huron and on to the Atlantic.

Although a freshwater lake, because of its massive size it can act as a sea with large, strong swells and waves picking up on a strong wind.  Always take care and please do not venture out onto the water in stormy weather.

Cache Bay, North-West of Garden Island, is the best place to fish for pike; it is protected and you can’t get lost as the only way out is back the way you came in, so you will end up back at Garden Island after a day exploring the small islands.

If you want to go further afield, then certainly travel along the north shore by canoe, or down the French River by rented power boat. Do not be tempted to go to the French by canoe; it will take you a day to even reach it, and you will find yourself stranded. What looks close on a map is a week away!

The lake is famed for it’s amazing sunsets so hopefully the evenings will be clear to allow you to experience one of these magnificent displays.