Garden Island is host to a wide range of Birds, with many making their seasonal appearance from early May.

While some are very evident such as Ducks, Raptors, Crows & Songbirds; others like the GrouseGreat Blue HeronKingfishers, and Flickers take keener eyes to spot.  You will probably hear the Sandhill Cranes crooning at dawn and the Loons at dusk.

The list to date (excluding waterfowl for which we have too many to list) also includes the following: Various Warblers: Tennessee, Yellow, Palm, Magnolia, Pine & Black Throated Grays; Phoebe; Herons: Grey, Green & Great Blue; Ravens & Crows; Cedar Waxwings; Nuthatches; Tree Creepers; Sandhill Cranes; American Robins; Red Winged Blackbirds; Sandpipers; Redstarts; Pileated, Downy & Hairy Woodpeckers;  Song Sparrows; Swallows; Chickadees; Humming-Birds; Orioles; Blue Jays; Kingfishers; Bald and Golden Eagles; Ospreys; Merlin; Sharp-Shinned Hawks, Northern Goshawks, and incredibly, a single sighting of a solitary & presumably very lost and confused Pelican in 2015.

As you can see from these photographs if you are quiet and slow you can get very close to some of our visitors. (but Maxim cheats as he always has pockets full of seed!).  If you see (and hopefully photograph) any others please let us know so we can update our “sighting list”.