Unlike the birdlife which congregates in Summer, our Mammals are ever present. Those bound to the island are particularly tame as they have not come into contact with many people so please ensure that if you are approached by an animal, or come across one, that you act calmly and quietly. You cannot avoid the Chipmunks and Red Squirrels, and the Mink will pass very close by if you are still – I have had one climb over my legs while it searched out the shoreline. In the evenings you should spot the Small Brown Bats skimming up the mosquitos.

You may also see Otter, Beaver, Moose, Muskrat while smaller ones like Wood Mouse, Voles & Weasels can be more difficult to spot.

The Black Bears are residing within the enclosed eastern sanctuary but sometimes can be seen swimming across the bays or wading the shoreline.

Our winter guests may be lucky enough to see the Wolves which visit in the winter.