A trek through the forest in Autumn presents you with many edible mushrooms; Chicken of the Woods is a rare treat so be prepared with a paper bag and a knife.  Please do not take every mushroom – always leave a few standing.  Harvesting etiquette dictates that one leaves enough to spore furnishing future years with a crop.

Spending autumnal days strolling around the woods seeking out and gathering mushrooms is one of the most peaceful stress relieving pastimes – even if the basket is more empty than full the time spent is still worthwhile.

Of course there are some mushrooms which are not edible so please always apply the adage “If in doubt, leave them out”.  There are also psilocybin mushrooms but please be careful if absolutely not certain as these can easily be confused with poisonous mushrooms. Remember that even those which are consumable are still by definition ‘toxic’ so prudence dictates you exercise all possible caution.  You can ask Maxim for advice, or if you want to go foraging he may be able to join you.

May brings out a Spring bonus in the way of Dryads Saddles (‘Pheasant Backs’) on the elm trunks.  After that we need to wait for Autmun for the others to appear.