Dominated by deciduous trees, the forest floor is diverse due to the absence of pines: it is free from the levels of high acidity associated with fir trees  which is so limiting to many flowering plants.  As well as being open to the warming sunlight every Spring before the canopy fills in with the new season leaves, this balanced loam also benefits from waterborne nutrients brought in by the Spring flooding.

Trees such as Red & European Oak, Ash, Ironwood, Yellow Birch, Silver Maple and Yew, as well as flowering plants like Biennial Foxgloves, Trout Lilies, Harebells, Bluebells, Dog Roses, Irises and Purple & Blue Violets are present among the Oak Ferns and Fiddleheads.

For culinary foragers there is also a wide-ranging array of Fungi to be found as well as Wild Raspberries, GooseberriesRiver Grape, ChivesBlackcurrants, Wild Strawberries and Haws & Hips of various form and Sumac for the spice rack….have to be quick to get there ahead of all  the birds & rodents though.

In the lake there is also a field of Wild Rice which the ducks gorge on.

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